Song Lists

As the paying client, you are more than welcome to provide us your song request list which the DJ will follow on the night. The DJ will, with your permission, take requests from your guests throughout the night as well and play those songs which the DJ feels will keep the dance floor busy. Alternatively, you can simply leave it to the DJ to read the crowd and play what keeps the dance floor pumping.

Dynamic DJ’s has an extensive library of over 11,000 songs and growing, ranging from the 50’s and 60’s, right through to the very latest Top 40, R n B and Dance genres. We also cater for alternative tastes such as hip hop, dubstep and triple J. We happily accept mp3 files on your own media (usb stick, hard drive, ipod, CD, etc) which can be provided to the DJ on the night.

Our audio music library is updated every month to ensure that the most popular music is included. Karaoke and video libraries, whilst updated every month, are only updated on the website occasionally but you can contact us anytime to request the latest list.

You can browse our audio, karaoke and video song lists by clicking on the buttons below. When you book with us you get the choice of building your song request list online song by song OR using our pdf song lists by printing the song list and then ticking the songs you want the DJ to play during the night. Simply bring the song list with you on the night OR post or scan and email the song list to us a week prior to your event.

NOTE: If you email your selections to us please do not use coloured highlighters as all song lists received are printed in black & white.

For those special songs that you need that are NOT on our list simply provide us a separate list 2 weeks prior and we will source them for you (limits apply) or alternatively if you have the songs you can bring a digital device such as an ipod or usb stick with you on the night. Remember our DJ’s like to play your requests so just ask them for your favourite songs.

Note regarding the audio song list

The audio song list below is only about half of what we actually have in our music library. If we were to publish the full list it would be over 60 pages and this is just too big to be of practical use. If you choose to build your song list online you have access to all 11,000 plus songs.

Audio Song List Online Song Database

Karaoke Song List By Artist Karaoke Song List By Title

Video Song List By Artist Video Song List By Title

Please remember to choose the song list that is relevant for your event. E.g. Do NOT use the karaoke or video list unless you have booked these add ons.

IMPORTANT: All music provided to a DJ on the night MUST be in MP3 digital audio format. We take NO responsibility if the DJ is unable to read songs from your device on the night although we have never experienced any issues reading any ipod or usb thumb drive that has been provided.