We provide DJ services for school discos as well as formals and graduation balls. We can configure a school disco to match the schools budget from a small standard setup using 1 DJ (typically used for school formals and primary schools) right up to the large discos with 2 DJ’s, big sound and intelligent lighting.

To save money some schools manage to combine the discos for primary and high school into the one night by running the primary kids from around 5pm until 7pm followed by a short break while the primary students leave and the senior students arrive for their disco from around 7pm until 10pm.

No deposit is required to book our services as a tax invoice is issued for the full amount one week prior to your event.


The students put a lot of money and effort into preparation for their formals & balls both in terms of organisation and in dressing for the occasion. For some no expense is spared on this once in a lifetime event. Dynamic DJ’s totally understands how important a school formal is to the individual student and so we do our best to ensure that you have DJ’s suited to the younger age group.

Most of our DJ’s are current uni students so they understand the importance and the music tastes of most high school grads. We also know that most formals have to stick with a tight budget so Dynamic DJ’s helps here too by ensuring that our prices are as low as possible. Simply call us to get a quote or visit our quote page.


We can provide a real night club atmosphere for the high school students using our larger high quality sound system, intelligent lighting and smoke machines to set the mood so that the students can have fun. You may even want to consider a video disco for added entertainment. The DJ’s take requests from the students all night.


We can provide your primary school with a disco that is affordable and provides the kids with lots of fun. We have a format that keeps the kids interested by having organised activities in amongst the free form dance segments. We provide the kids with activities such as hokey pokey, conga, limbo, nutbush, macarena, musical chairs, statues, optional singing and dancing competitions which are judged by teachers, parents and/or senior students. Our DJs will also happily take requests from the kids and play them as long as they are appropriate songs. We can run a single session disco or split into 2 sessions, one for junior primary and the other for senior primary.

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