Our Equipment

When you book with Dynamic DJ’s you can be assured of getting quality equipment that is setup neatly with minimal leads showing. All our equipment is fully tested prior to every event to ensure it is in peak working condition. In the unlikely event that any issues arise on the night all our DJ’s have phone support available at all times during your event. You can be assured that the sound you and your guests hear on the night will be of top quality.

Below is a list of the type of equipment that we provide to our clients. Just click on the down arrow for any particular item you would like more information on. Pictures of all the equipment that we use can be viewed on our gallery page.


All of our DJs use notebook or laptop computers especially configured to provide quality sound. All notebooks are managed by Dynamic DJs and are configured to be 100% reliable so that the music production is high quality with no interuptions. The notebooks run licensed software called Virtual DJ Pro. Our software allows for music to be accessed not only from our own music libraries but also from CDs, DVD,s and USB sticks that maybe provided by the client or guests on the night.

Digital Controllers

We use Hercules RMX & RMX2 digital midi controllers. These are essentially a digital mixer is the heart of the DJ setup. The controller allows the DJ to mix songs together and to control the source of sound. Our controllers can be used to hook up external devices such as guitars, phones, ipods and stand alone CD players.

Speakers & Speaker Stands

Our speakers vary depending on the sound requirements of the event. For up to 150 or so guests (a typical event) we use 2X12″ plastic moulded speakers mounted on tripod stands with 400 watts of power in each box. Our speakers are Mackie brand and are powered meaning no amplifier is required to drive the speakers. If we need more power we can either daisy chain multiple 12″ speakers together OR we can move up to 15″ or 18″ larger boxes that are required for large events of 300 and over guests.


All DJ’s carry a cordless mic and a backup mic on a lead for all events. This is used by the DJ to make announcements such as asking for song requests, etc and can be used by the client as required.


Every DJ carries a minimum of a single combined LED and laser disco light. This single light is adequate to cover a 4-4.5 metre dance floor area.

The LED part of the light projects red, blue & green dots onto the dance floor in random patterns reacting to the music being played. The laser part of the light has a 320 degree throw which can give effect not only to the dance floor but most of the room as well.

The laser light throws a series of red, green & yellow laser effects (patterns, stars & dots) on the dance floor, walls and ceiling.

If required additional lighting can be added for a greater light effect allowing projection onto walls and ceilings (extra charges apply).

Theme Lighting

If you would like to have the whole room specially lit in a favourite theme colour then you can add a theme lighting package also known as up lighting. Whilst we do not carry this lighting as standard stock we are more than happy to provide quotes to source the lighting for you.

Theme lighting generally consists of up to 12 LED lights (parcans) specifically placed through out the room and behind the bridal table. The lights are pointed up the walls and onto the ceiling. The lights can be set to a nominated fixed colour of Red, Blue, Green, Purple or Pink (controller required).

Speak with one of our team if you would like to find out more.

Gobo Projection

Our gobo projector allows us to insert a specially made up gobo that can project your names, company logo or any other image onto a smooth surface such as a pavement, wall, ceiling or floor (white works best). The gobos vary in price and quality:

  • transparency being the cheapest in full colour
  • metal (colour is white light and fonts are limited) and the next more expensive
  • finally glass being the most expensive for the ultimate in quality.

Speak with one of our team if you would like to find out more.

Portable PA

We can provide a portable PA for use where no power is available. Our PA can run for up to 8 hours without power and can play music via ipods or usb sticks and also has 2 cordless mics but NO CD player.

The main use for this is for providing music at bridal ceremonies and/or for outdoor use such as canapes prior to the start of an event. The PA is available for hire at any event where our DJs are also performing.