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Why Don’t You Exhibit At Bridal Fairs?

We simply have more than enough work so we do not need to. Exhibiting at bridal fairs can be expensive so we choose to put more effort into google advertising and to build on our relationships with our regular clients. A great deal of our business comes by way of referral from the venues we regularly service and by word of mouth from those happy clients who have used our services in the past. If we were not maintaining a high standard of service and quality we would not be getting the client feedback and recommendations that we do.

Do You Require A Deposit?

Corporate clients, venues, agencies, schools and associations are NOT required to pay deposits to book with Dynamic DJ’s as we will issue a tax invoice for the total amount of the booking which will be payable by or on the date of the event.

For private bookings a deposit of $110.00 IS required to be submitted with the booking to confirm and lock in the DJ. Payments can be paid by money order, cheque, PayPal (using your own account or paying by credit card as an unregistered member) or bank transfer into our bank account. The balance of payment is then due 2-3 days prior to your event date.

View the make a booking page on our web site for more details.

What Payment Methods Are Available?

Payments can be paid by any of the following methods:

  • Money Order in the post
  • Cheque in the post (cheques for private functions are not accepted at the event)
  • PayPal prior to the event (using your own account or by credit card as an unregistered member)
  • Bank Transfer directly into our bank account

Payment of the balance in cash on the night is also acceptable

Further details regarding payment methods can be found on our make a booking page.

A receipt is issued for all payments received by us prior to the event date.

How Much Will It Cost?

This depends on what you require for the night.The number of DJ’s, the size of the sound system, the quantity of lighting, the number of hours etc all influence the price you are charged.
To get a price call our office during office hours 9am to 6pm Mon to Sat or visit our quote request page to  get a quote online or by email. 

Do You Send Us Confirmations?

Yes, after you book with us you will receive one or two emails:

If you have not paid your deposit and one is required: You will receive a pending booking advice that will provide payment options available to pay the deposit.

If a deposit is not required or you have paid your deposit:

You will receive a confirmation from us detailing what you have booked and guaranteeing your DJ for the event.

Links to other paper work such as song lists and function detail forms are also sent out with the confirmation. Note all of our forms can be completed online using your own client login details of which are also sent to you in a separate email.

What Equipment Do You Provide And How Reliable Is It?

For a standard event such as a wedding, corporate event, engagement or party of up to 150 guests we supply an 800 watt sound system consisting of two quality powered speakers, laptop and a digital midi controller (mixer) along with two cordless mics as well as a mic on a lead for backup.

Lighting consists of a single combined laser and led light. This provides light effect not only to the dance floor but will also bounce off the walls as ceiling as the light has a 320 degree throw.

Additional lighting is available on request for a small additional charge.

For larger shows such as school discos. large venues and events with over 200 guests we have more powerful equipment (up to 3,000 watts) and more sophisticated lighting (intelligent lighting mounted on a professional light truss). All our equipment is exceptionally reliable and is tested before every performance to minimise the risk of problems on the night.

How Long Does The DJ Play?

The DJ usually plays for 5 hours as we find this the most economical and practical time frame beginning with easy listening music whilst guests are greeting and eating and moving into more party/dance music as soon as formalities and eating are over. However it depends on your personal needs. You (the client) control the night. We can supply entertainment for as little as 3 hours up to 8 hours and more if required.

If you are uncertain whether or not you will need extra time, dont worry, you can always talk to the DJ on the night and arrange for the DJ to go extra time and pay for the extra on the night. (Make sure it is ok with the function coordinator first though). 

Do You Have Public Liability Insurance?

Yes, Dynamic DJ’s carries $10 million of public liability cover for all performances. If your DJ company does not have this cover then YOU are taking a risk if anything unexpected should happen as many people do not realise that DJ’s are NOT covered by the venues liability insurance in the event of an accident that is attributable to the DJ or their equipment.

Are You Fully Licensed?

Absolutely. We carry Phonographic Performance Company of Australia (PPCA) licensing for all of our DJ’s and for Video performances. We also carry 10 million dollars of public liability insurance as well as workers comp for all our DJ’s.

What Time Does The DJ Arrive For My Event?

For a standard event (wedding, party etc) the DJ arrives around 30-45 minutes prior to the agreed start time. The equipment takes around 25 minutes to setup leaving time for the DJ to communicate with you and your guests before commencing. You are not charged for this extra time that the DJ is present. You only pay for the actual performance time.

How Many Songs Do I Need To Choose?

You can choose a few or as many songs as you like. Many clients just request a few key songs and then leave it to the DJ to choose songs that keep most guests on the dance floor.

The DJ will usually get through about 16 songs per hour. For weddings in particular the mix between background music and dance music tends to be around 2-3 hours of background music and 2-3 hours of dancing music. For a standard 5 hour event you can assume a maximum of 80 songs will be played. Dont forget also that your guests will no doubt make requests on the night so this will also reduce the number of songs you need.

Best to choose less songs because if there are  too many songs on the request list for the DJ to get through in the remaining time the DJ has to choose songs from your list based on his own experience and this may result in your most liked songs being accidentally overlooked.

Do I Get To Choose My Music?

Definitely. We prefer our clients and their guests to request as many songs as possible. That way the DJ knows what type of music you and your guests prefer and can concentrate on that style.

When your booking is confirmed with us you will be sent links to our latest song list (both print form and online). This will provide you a means of requesting as many songs as you like to be played on the night. If you want some songs that are NOT on our song list, no problem, simply email us a list of those (max 20 tracks) or select them as custom songs if building your  list online. We will happily source them for you.

In the rare event that we cannot find a specific song you need we will always call you to organise an alternative song or get you to provide that specific song on the night. Note that any songs provided by the client MUST be in MP3 format.

Do I Get To Talk To The DJ?

We find that it is not necessary for you to meet your DJ face to face nor to talk to him on the phone prior to your event. It takes up your valuable time and does not serve any real purpose.

Your requirements are fully documented on the initial booking form, by email exchanges and on our comprehensive forms that are sent to you once you book with us.

In addition, should it be necessary to change the allocated DJ at the last minute due to unforeseen circumstances then you don’t have to worry about going through your requirements all over again.

The DJ that turns up at your event will have been  fully briefed on all your requirements and will have all our paperwork with him.

Can You Provide MC Services For Our Event?

Yes we can however it is always recommended to try to use a member of the family, a relative or a friend to perform MC duties for your wedding as it creates a more relaxed and interment atmosphere if your guests know the MC.

If you cannot find a member of the family or a good friend to MC then a select few of our DJ’s are trained to carry out MC duties. This will incur a small additional charge which includes the use of a cordless microphone.